who we are

MyrLabs is a spin-off from A*STAR. Across the founding team, we have proven expertise in Computer Science, Advanced Mathematics, Embedded Systems, and Robotics.

We work on problems that academia fears to, cannot, or will not address. These are problems that are difficult and require multi-disciplinary efforts. Our approach focuses on the use of non-mainstream techniques to spark creativity and to solve problems in ways that are not seen before.

We create game-breaking solutions for our partners by innovating at the PCB, firmware, and software levels.

Our work


Fast-moving Robots

The future wants fast robots; existing robots that crawl at 1-2m/s have no value to productivity. We create robot technologies are baselined to reliably operate at 20m/s (72km/h) or 50m/s (180km/h) on ground and in air, both indoors and outdoors.

Our outcomes are realised in hardware add-ons that are ROS compatible.


Server-less Positioning

Solutions that rely on backend server calculations are ancient, fragile, and slow. Our hardware-based positioning solutions are designed to be offline, edge-based, real-time, near-zero latency, and with high update rates.

Our outcomes are realised in dedicated hardware devices and SDKs that provide positioning data.


Infrastructure-free IoT

IoT, to us, represents a paradigm shift in interconnectivity and device design. We are creating solutions that do not require gateways and feature device-to-device interactions, alternative power sources, and survival in out-of-norm environments.

Our outcomes are realised in a communications protocol, SDKs, hardware devices, and reference designs.


Knowledge-based AI

Deep learning has been great, but, all by itself, will not get us to practical AI. To get there, we are developing AI that are capable of reasoning, understanding causality, and handling of out-of-distribution inputs.

Our outcomes will be realised in algorithms and dedicated hardware that predominantly use knowledge-based inference techniques.



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